Here begins my archived collection of photos from my Geocities websites. I've selected just the most cycle-focused ones from my tour of China in 2000.

As an avid fan of all human-powered cycles, I absolutely loved all the practical transport!

I saw many more amazing freight on 3-wheelers, and 2-wheelers than I ever captured with the camera.

These trees paled into insignificance when I saw things like: a full double bed, plate-glass windows on an 'A' frame, improbably enormous loads of I-dunno-what...all carried on bikes!

I love the notion of a place where cycles rule (almost). Shanghai's terrain is entirely flat, which is great for all the single-low-gear cycles and their huge loads.

Bicycle repair/maintenance "stations" on street corners, etc., had a bowl of water for locating punctures, and sold seats, locks, tyres, inner tubes.

Shanghai: Timed bicycle parking zone (and rates of pay!)

Between Shanghai and Ningbo.

Zhou Zhang: For good health, prosperity, long life (all the good stuff) I tried this. Rubbing the handles of the bowl (vibration) causes the water to spray and sizzle. A hand-wash and massage was part of the ritual.

My turn.

"No Trumpets!" These signs amused me greatly and continually.

Shanghai: Woman patrols intersection with a "No Trumpets" flag. This "Don't sound your horn" instruction is completely ignored by all vehicles, including cars, motor scooters, mopeds, and bicycles, all who honk, toot, beep and ring constantly.

So, should I be sending this one to the Sydney City Council? In Ningbo (and some other cities) I noticed these second count-down timers on the lights. 26 seconds until it turns green. Often amber was not part of the cycle, other times it would have 4 or 5 seconds.

 I'd find timers VERY handy for those times (in the car) when I am trying to put on socks and shoes, eat, drink, consult the map, check my phone messages... at every red light.