Woodford Folk Festival 2003-2004

Part of the archived collection of photos from my Geocities website.

The tenth festival at the purpose-built site.

Self-portraiture for the sun-smart.

My "brethren-in-lederhosen" in the dance pavilion.

Phil and the capacity crowd nervously await the John Butler Trio. This crowd was in addition to the already capacity Blues Tent.

My guest appearance with The Zydecats (with Lucky Oceans) on the Blues Stage.

Lucky on the pedal steel.

The horn section (Bill and Cazzbo).
Lucky (button accordion) wears a sousa-halo, with Jeff Lang (left) playing the invisible lap steel guitar!

A local landmark in Woodford township.

The junksters of the future (buskers).

Linsey Pollack (follow my fetching red arrow) rehearses his Macedonian Street Band. I didn't rehearse, just joined 'em for the gig.

The youngest member of the Perch Creek Family Jug Band (Lenny) rejects the toy piano in favour of the ukulele.

Happy High Herbs stall... colourful Woodford.

'Fire people' at the Fire Event (New Year's Night).

Fire egg-timer (and other time motifs) at the Fire Event.

The irony for us was that while watching this event with its theme about the passing of time... we had to assiduously clock-watch and leave early to be on time for our next gig... then most of the audience were late (due to the Fire Event running late).

Fire Event finale - up goes the clock tower (fireworks also emerged from its top).