Sydney Body Art Ride 2005

The inaugural Sydney Body Art Ride. The brain-child of Jake Lloyd Jones, the event comprised a human rainbow of cyclists, fund-raising for the Children's Cancer Institute, promoting cycling, and generally providing one heck of a spectacle. Part of the archived collection of photos from my Geocities website.
Phil prepares...

...and anticipates the beach.


Shark Man!

Off we go!

The mighty Red Team spans generations.


Our route is well-chosen.

Winner: Best Decorated Bike.

Converging on South Maroubra Beach ready to wash off our paint.

I'm miles behind my red team members due to stopping to chat to Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and his son (both supportive spectators).

Winner: Best Costume. Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans of the Democrats eschewed gold paint to sport a geniune historical protest costume."Smokers are dying to bring us the ballet" - a reference to a certain tobacco company's sponsorship of the Australian Ballet.

Winner: Biggest Belly.