Woodford Folk Festival 2005-2006

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website.
That 1 Guy. Pretty darn amazing, the sounds he got out of this pipe and techno-paraphernalia.

The Old Spice Boys.

Phil tunes up, down and sideways.

Mel, from the band 'Fruit' (tenor horn at the ready) , who was sporting a very contrasting haircut at the their next gig.

Elvis Parsley's new paint-job. See my Woodford 2003-2004 photos to see my last shot of this local Woodford landmark.

Philthy and Cazzbo, and what on earth is that round silver thing on the table?

Birthday boy Marcus. Slim chap, round number!

Phil's trying tricone forces him to dismantle it right before the gig, to locate a sound that guitars are not meant to make! Aaah, so THAT's what the innards of a resonator guitar look like.

'Sprocket' in transit. A pedal-powered percussion and thongaphone phenomenon. Try saying that three times quickly!

The Blueskillet Rovers...

...in a gig that included...

...a marriage proposal from a bandmember......and an acceptance!

The Cloghoppers. A bit hard to see the club juggle and teacup on his head. In another show he played the banjo up there, cool.

Wacko and Blotto... 'Two Clowns and a Chicken' - a different and compelling way to welcome 2006!

Fledgeling didge.

Rainbow bloke hams it up in front of the Rainbow Shop.

Camilla (Perch Creek Family Jugband).

Eileen (Perch Creek Family Jugband).

Lear steps out front.

Christi repeatedly throws and catches his harmonica as the band decides what to play next.