Sydney Critical Mass Harbour Bridge Ride

November 2008. From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. I've intended to ride the bridge in this manner for quite a while, and I've finally done it. Using my recent time in The Netherlands as additional inspiration, I decided the rubbish weather wasn't going to stop me.
I was relieved (I think!) to see I was not the only one somewhat ill-prepared for the heavy rain experienced during the first half of the ride, the pre-ride wait, and much of my trip in from home.

Laps around Hyde Park Fountain to commence the ride, in the good old drenching rain. Hard to tell in these shots, but it really was pissing down.

The pumpin' music steed at a standstill...

and on the Cahill Expressway.

Heading towards the coathanger.

Serious self-portrait with sky scrapers, pre-bridge. Couldn't find my fluoro spray jacket, so wore a black one (not the best for visibility!).

Mobile music and communication.

Bikes on the left, cars on the right.

Not a bad effort, considering the weather!

A view of the bridge you can't normally get from a bike in motion.

Bike lifts mid-bridge. I chose to photograph rather than lift.

I think I can lift my bike thusly... I promise I'll do it next time!!

More mobile music!

A plethora of storage options.

Heading back. Up to the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycle pathway. Arguably a crap bit of infrastructure here... no good if you do have trailers, etc., attached to your bike.

Back home in the 'normal' fashion, Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway.