IWBC Toronto Canada

Canada was one heck of an experience! A schedule of varied collaborative feature performances, workshop tasks, and my own forum to wax lyrical on the topic of my multitudinous musical tributaries, and to preach my alternative whatevers in the game of performance, and life! I received wonderful responses to whatever-the-hell-it-was-that-I-did! -- PRE-EVENT INTERVIEW
Sounding off at the Brass Olympics:
"Cazzbo - International Guest Artist".

In performance.

Havin' a sing!

Presenting, then playing Joan's jug from Dauphin, Manitoba.

On stage (or just in front of it) with Scott Irvine.

Late night club music.

Steppin' out at the club.

I have photos of Niagara Falls
(my only genuinely 'touristy' excursion)
coming soon!