Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band at Ormond Hall

Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band has re-ignited in Melbourne - to honour the halcyon days, Mic and Jim Conway, and for fans young and old.

Firstly, two riotous nights headlining at the iconic Ormond Hall in Melbourne, the site of many a memorable night 'back in the day...', with the legendary Elliot Goblet and Adelaide band The Beards admirably supporting. Then a third night as part of Jack Levi's famous Crimson Goat Club, adding a healthy dose of music, satire and magic to the night's entertainment.

'Microphone' Mic Conway adds his finishing touches. Notice fellow performers the Nelson Twins and 'Gulia Jillard' in the background.

Photographing the gorgeous bogan twins preparing... just couldn't stop looking at them... compelling!

After the gig. Mic - seeing double!

Seeing double with blur... I'm super-appreciative of the kind soul using my camera, but it was patently evident at the time that pressing the shutter without moving the camera was proving to be impossible!

Not 'what gets your goat?', but rather, WHO gets your goat? The Crimson Goat has notched up another great night of variety.

That's it - the van is loaded!

Takin' it to The Beards - Bowlesy and Andrew!

The entrance to Ormond Hall - I should have attempted a daytime shot.

Here's an article on the current Captain Matchbox journey, which was published in Inpress Magazine.

Here's a clip: My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes (the view from the Royal Box).