Smog the mog

'Smog' the gorgeous cat appraises today's freshly-tuned piano. Smog likes to play the piano, as do many cats seeking internet fame. The client's dog cheekily made a bed on my jacket and shirt as I tuned in a t-shirt. I handled that remarkably well - I was already planning one more load of laundry before my imminent tour. Meanwhile Smog could do no wrong, spending much time on my lap (not while I was actually tuning) and depositing fur liberally, including what was already inside the piano!

One more on-the-road snap of the elaborate-but-weathered fa├žade of David Lawson's shopfront in Wangaratta, Victoria. It is particularly quaint, with an adjoining residence and more signs and pictures of grand pianos. This residence and business is now the home of Mark Bolsius' Touchstone Pianos.

Deciduous vines and leafiness add to the country-style charm.

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying foliage at this time of day/year/life!!