Shepparton Cows

Shepparton definitely has a 'thing' for cows - they're all over town, diverse and fun.

Crockery cow.

Patchwork cow.

Skeleton cow.

Strawberries and cream cow.


Post-it-note cow.

A momentary deviation: I'm endlessly amused by sights like this when on the road (not where we actually stayed). 

A reasonable strategy perhaps - I once witnessed a hotel bed upon which one could have concealed a volleball under the bedspread without arousing suspicion - so deep were the hollows in the mattress (again, not MY bed, but a nearby room).

And now, in a first for this blog...

Dawn Kransky admires the Seat Cow...

...and cowasaurus.

Dawn Kransky cheekily planks on the scarecrow cow.

More cows to come!