Park puddles and peregrinations

Finally the big wet has eased. I'll miss some of the clouds, which were worthy of more photography and filming that never quite happened. Traversing a local park, so many puddles virtually forming a creek following the low points and ditches. The activity for many a doggy - messy muddy bathing.

My rainy day activities included making a little film...  

I love greeting cats on the street...

...meeting moggies on doorsteps... laneways...

...anywhere I can!

A flurry of gigs: in flight, flanked by Mic Conway and Phil Donnison at Camelot, Marrickville.

Then up the hill, tending to a couple of pianos (the second in deepening darkness as the longest night encroached - in a house where the electricity was off - at least piano tuning CAN continue under such circumstances!) Next, a gig at The Clarendon, and the chance the following day to catch the Winter Magic Festival (post-Winter Solstice). Pagan themes, political themes, you name it, it's all eligible for this Katoomba highlight. Back down the hill for Mic Conway's National Junk Band's third hit-out in as many days, at Humph Hall, Allambie Heights.

How's this bass player's neat way of getting to his start position for the parade? I strongly suspected it would be his way of traversing the parade route as well, and it was!

Here he is as part of local cafe the Yellow Deli's considerable contingent - what a fine example of advertising, erm, I mean community contribution!

Off on a splendid lunch date with a friend - a quick sports camera selfie on departure. 

So I've christened the dubious pillion area on his new little city motorcycle. 

I wished to document my friend's mismatched riding gloves - definitely function, not fashion. I don't think he could believe I was bothering.

I was framing this shot on a little pontoon. I was on a mission (as I cycle-roamed the district) to take stills with the teensy sports camera to interlace with cycling footage in my little film. I didn't realize this pontoon was gently ebbing with the water's activity. The next thing I was smashed on the head by my bicycle - OUCH!

It's the only time I have not minded having my nanny-state foam hat on. It probably saved my glasses, which are already held together with super glue and too loose. And thus endeth the wettest June since 2007.