Well, well, well.

Due to COVID I'm sworn off gigs for the time being.

BUT!!! I'm breaking the very long drought with a little outing/gig/happening...

NOW YOU HEAR HER Sat 28/3/21 2pm
Woels Square Cnr George and Goulburn Sts Sydney

A visit to the vacated active-wear store in George Street might give you a very different experience from behind the curtain of the dressing room. The only ensemble to “try on” is a loose musical interpretation of you, spurred on by the woman in red - Madame Lark, alongside a collective of musicians at your service. Try this brief ‘score’ on for size along the dressing room trail, peg it to the finishing score, and loop back to try more if you choose. Bring a two sentence fashion-confession for the finishing trim. The final performance will be when all the musicians perform the grand score. Join this extraordinary group of musicians and their instruments as they play your vibe.

Concept by Sonya Lifschitz and Christine Johnston Realised by: Christine Johnston - co-director/performer as Madame Lark, Damian Barbeler - co-director/ performer and Sonya Lifschitz - co-director/ performer with performers Cazzbo Johns, Lamorna Nightingale, Oliver Schermacher and Freya Schack-Arnott.


The Kransky Sisters again toured extensively with their Yuletide show at the time of year when one might expect such a thing...


And these things? Well, they happened.

Providing music for Santa's Steam Train, on loco 3642.

Secret Lederhosen Business.

Surf more... go on, I dare you!