Everingham Rotating House

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. A trip to Knorrit's Flat north-west of Wingham NSW to participate in a mini-festival with Mic Conway's National Junk Band then a dash straight back to the Manly Jazz Festival for a performance with the Jugalug String Band.

Marcus and Cazzbo.

Non-rotating, tiny and very basic - the farm house in which the Everingham family lived for many years. It's where most of the band(s) stayed, and it won't be there for very much longer!


The family's latest acquisition - a piano with PianoDisc attachment (self-player). Piano tech Cazzbo examines the tuning (but not too closely!). Check out the bushland setting reflected in the piano's music desk... this piano is just possibly taking in too much sun, depending on how the house is rotated at any given time...

Second-generation Swans supporter Tango Conway tries the piano. This shot was through the window.

Both houses shortly before our early-morning departure.

Vampire jet model in the park at Wingham (north-west of Taree).

I don't normally make a habit of collecting mementos of this type (my work would never be done!) but I couldn't resist this one in Wingham.