Rotorua (NZ), Perth, Albany (WA)

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. A mere snippet of snappets from a tour to New Zealand and Western Australia.
Silver fern cappuccino.

Sun-dried fish.

Maori master woodcarvers.

A church in Rotorua. So many civic buildings are wood here.

grave detail. Burials were in above-ground graves due to the heat of Rotorua's geothermal wonders.

Waterfalls and spectacular scenery abound.

Perth: The unusual colour of this Steinway (on the Beck's Verandah stage) was apparently commissioned to match the colour of the Perth Concert Hall foyer carpets!!

The light falls nicely on the Subiaco Hotel (where I didn't drink).

Outrageously early flight... a 5.45am departure, Perth to Albany.

It's still too early!

Festival venue: Albany Town Hall.

Wakes Music and Sewing Centre (Albany). The combination just seemed oddly amusing to me!