Album Review - 21st Century Sink

Mic Conway's National Junk Band

Mic Conway's take on the jug band tradition has always buzzed with originality and humour. Yet the most important part of Conway's take has been how goofy the music itself often is.

Being funny on an instrument is harder than it seems so Conway has enlisted such high-calibre players as Marcus Holden on fiddle and Carolyn Johns on a host of bottom-end noise makers.

You can listen, giggle, drink or dance and all will be the right response. Yes, some of the gags should be taken out and quietly shot, but hell, the album is fun.

There's a boozy version of the Kinks' Sunny Afternoon plus wacky originals such as Kitchen Sink Love, and Men, sung by Ukulele Lola (Judy Backhouse) with chorused grunts from the band which all but steal the show.
John Shand

Sydney Morning Herald December 15 2000