London 2007

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website.

Sculpture detail.

I noticed this street on a map, so I sought it out for a snap.

Whaddayaknow? The upper left hand corner of the Australian flag, celebrated in a dance floor (Madame Tussauds).

Paxman horns - where I had to seek an emergency repair to one of my tuba valves.

Cute uke at the Duke Of Ukes.

Old and new, Tower and Gherkin.

I had to do the touristy thing of going to Madame Tussauds Waxworks Museum... I was able to give Little Johnny some sage political advice, AND then help to vote him out (postal vote from Holland shortly after). No doubt he's been melted down and recycled into some other Johhny-come-lately by now.

QV and me...

Behind in the composite mural some sportsperson with a tuba... WTF?

Andy... speaking of Little Britain!