Woodford 2010/11

Woodford Folk Festival is done and dusted... or mudded... for another year. Whew, challenging conditions, but the rain did ease, and it kept temperatures down a bit (so that is a bonus).

Captain Matchbox rides again!

Jim Conway plays up a storm.

Carving it up onstage.

Mic on the first night, assembling his rack-o-sounds, with raincoat, gumboots and miner's light- all essential.

Mo' better blues.

Mic and Cathy.

Cazzbo and Philthy: juggin' and strummin'.

Don Hopkins.

A blackboard resourcefully re-purposed as a tap-dancing board.

Jim autographs Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band albums for Hat Fitz and Cara.

Andrew's feet in their natural habitat.

Ted Egan - good bloke.

Cut coin jewellery - amazing! This one is a bit of a 'joke one', but the collection is full of utterly extraordinary coins from far and wide, which have been cut in the most intricate and distinctive manner. That's a $1 coin.

Checking out the incredible cut coin jewellery.

Our transport was behind the Street Snail... any wonder traffic was slow...

The nightly parade.

Flying fish...

Flying pigs...

More from the mobile menagerie.