City snaps

My morning: City errands + bicycle = winning combination.

I happened to have my camera handy this morning. What an old-fashioned thing to have to say, eh? Quaintly, all my phone is capable of is phone calls (and text messages!).

I sneaked a snappy of this dapper chappy purposefully hack-sawing through a bike lock cable. One can only conclude that it was his bike and he had lost his keys. His walrus-mustachioed and eyebrow-ioed sense of gentlemanly tweed-ride style did not seem commensurate with anyone who would need to resort to bicycle theft!

Meanwhile, if having a city-sit-sit while fingering your iThing makes you feel that you are under-achieving, why not monetize this pastime within the portable signage industry? Opportunities await! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------But why steady your gold sign by holding it or wedging it between the slats of a park bench? That's for mugs. Let's take it to the lext level - hands-free.

Clearly the sign scene has more tricks up its sleeve than I realized. The next day, passing throught the city, I spy this lass with a back-pack-style sign. She was white-earbudded up and thumbing her iPod, idly strolling away from my hasty shot. I know not of these everyday city things and people, not being any sort of worker! And who is buying all this gold from all these gold outlets?