Well... whaddayabloodyknow... a couple of sessions have come my way!

The first was for a [contractually embargoed] and involved a great deal of [contractually embargoed]. Ok, it was a film... a BIG FILM!

Then yesterday, another fun one. The task: recording lavish quantities of Flintstones underscore music for a Flintstones video game. Saying 'video game' sounds a bit archaic, eh? But, hey, we still say film footage.    Perhaps I should be saying computer game... hmmm. For me this is not to know... my job is to bring character and sparkle to the musical task!

For any who want to know what we were impersonating and honourably recreating, here's an original sampling: on YOUTUBE. So, for the nerdiest of tuba nerds (not a category in which I usually find myself), I was doing my version of George Bouje. Precisely imprecise, exactingly inexact, perfectly imperfect! 

The Kransky Sisters shared in a vocally-focused spectacular in Brissie last week. The Redland Rhapsody Chorus spearheaded the show, inviting guests including the impressive tones of barbershop quartet Benchmark (who I learned after, were runners-up on Australia's Got Talent). They are very fine indeed, and quite Youtube-able.