A productive start...

My mother had spied a home-made bird feeder on her peregrinations, and fancied creating something similar. With materials to hand*, tools, and my persuasive urgings, we set about marking New Year's Day with an inspired bout of shed productivity. 

Secret women's shed-business.

My mother proudly displays the completed 'school project'. A+ (if it survives the test-drive!)

Installed in the famed lemon tree, with ornothologically approved home-made bird cake awaiting a selection of potential diners.

Hmmm, what's all this then?

Rainbow lorikeets - big birds in the feeder designed for small birds - where there's a will... If only I could keep this train of productivity and creativity alive and travel it well into the year... if only... Happy New Year!

* The finest bits of junk (admittedy mostly procured from Bunnings and similar).