Eastside Arts and Andre!

I popped in for a chat with Sylvia Rosenblum for Arts Wednesday, Eastside FM 89.7

Sylvia is featuring slightly more unusual instruments. Here is the INTERVIEW online.

Meanwhile, I've scarcely had the chance to scratch myself, let alone decide what to play for a radio interview, what with wearing lederhosen or tuning myriad pianos every day.

Best tweet of all time! Andre Rieu - the perfect gentleman.

My pseudo-tweet:

Tonight I was wearing lederhosen and playing on the street (this is gainful employment!). Who should come up to us and hang, photograph, chat, etc. with his (equally friendly) minder... Andre Rieu! I know everybody bags him and hates him, but I don't (tho I don't plan to buy any of his albums!). If any folk who had not 'rated' certain sorts of music come to it because of him, that is A-OK by me. I told my colleagues I have even performed in his Dutch hometown, Maastricht. Anyhooo, he was so super-nice to us, he really was. The icing on the cake of this surreal experience was when a Japanese tourist asked him (Andre) to take a phone-tograph of him (tourist) and us (Bavarian trio). It was so obvious from the tourist's face that he had no idea who Rieu was, but Andre was just super-nice and did it very obligingly. How surreal! Then Rieu tweeted a pic of us all practically instantly, it might be the biggest Twitter audience we've had in a while (like, ever).