Stage Time

I've logged many a blog entry about the taming of temperamental pianos. If a piano is onstage and it's my task to tune it, when I'm done and it's performance time I've stepped offstage (and often left the building). Those who know me know that is highly counter-intuitive. 

Mic Conway - Master of Mirth. I love this portrait by Konrad Lenz. Mic looks warmly in my general direction. 

I look warmly in the general direction of the lovely people who came out on a wintry night to celebrate live shenanigans.

Tamworth Haka, a phrase never before contemplated - but now someone will Google it and visit this blog. Welcome!

Moody monochrome mayhem.

 Juggin' it up as Jim Conway joins us.


The trusty triumvirate.

 Spontaneous invocations. Observe Mic's most splendid neenish suit.

Jug playing is effectively free-buzz-beatboxing basslines. There is nothing musically that can't be done.

Respect. Mic fires up...

 ...well, it's one way to keep warm in Canberra!

 A shady character, that Phileus fella!

Vocalising in its many forms...

Ecopella Choir ensures that the air is filled with salient incisive lyrics. Passers-by may be given pause to think. Might a musical message transcend their defences?

Ecopella energises the gathered throng ready for the March Against Monsanto in Sydney.