The Ballad of AO and BO

The spontaneously-named AO and BO got down and got back up again to bring some old-school country fiddlin' to town, performing the Mic Conway classic Aussie Country for colleagues at the AOBO end-of-season party 2001.

Big finish!

"The ukulele, the missing link between music and noise."
At the 2002 end-of-season party AO and BO sought to entertain their colleagues with a heartfelt ode to life in the partitioned-off brass area within the Opera Theatre pit. My lyrics strove for timeless yet relevant references to brass players reading magazines in their bars' rest, the resident section fishing-nut, (hence the hat-fish), intonation, workloads, etc., The 'new pit in 2004' line is beyond dated, that promise pushed off ever into the future. I wasn't prepared to wait.

(To the tune of Singing In The Bathtub)
Playing in the brass box
Making lots of noise
Feeling kind of tough now,
Just like one of the boys ‘Loud enough for ya?’
Putting in my earplugs
Got my magazine
Someone’s talking fishing,
All night, or so it seems
Here come the trumpets,
Each with a different tune,
Here come the trombones,
And the tuba’s gonna come in soon !
Bonding with my colleagues,
Who could ask for more ?
We’re gonna get a new pit
In two-thousand-and-four !
Kerazy bebop on the Big Trumpet.

Blow it out your...

2003's Orchestra party saw the usual variety of in-joke-laden skits. AO and BO's contribution was a farewell tribute to departing musical director Simone Young. My notion of parodying My Sharona cried out for those killer riffs on electric bass, and my illustrious partner-in-crime swapped violin for something louder.

The back-drop that they DIDN'T have at the North Sydney Bowling Club.

(To the tune of My Sharona)

1. You tried your hand,
with the band
keeping us in tune and in time, Simona.
We're here to play...
you had to pay
for putting us on the line, Simona.


Things are getting tense,
hotting up, just a little bit,
All the extra bods,
dressed in black,
sweating in the pit
why why why why why? Woo!
B-b-b-bye, Simona!

2. Lots of good reviews...

in the news,
yet there's a tear in my eye, Simona?
Was it the way to go?
I don't know… or just more pie-in-the-sky, Simona?