Airline Stuff

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. I have decided that themed places may just be the way to make sense of my unweildy chronicle of digi-snaps. So here's a place for ariline stuff. I WAS going to have a page JUST for QANTAS lost luggage apologies and compensations, but maybe that is just a little TOO specific!
JAL - "Loss Of Prestige" as the ice bucket goes tumbling.

JAL - Butter fly!

David Letterchimp (weird Japanese TV during stopover).

Fresh foreign fragiles on the tuba case.

It's the "within reason" followed by a lengthy list of conditions that amused/appealed...

The impressive collection in the Sharps Lucky Dip at Belfast Airport. What a hassle, being forced to relinquish those plastic forks!

No free lunch (bag)!

The first place I usually need to find... (at Schipol Airport Amsterdam). Perhaps I should change my middle name to Afwijkende!

What amused me here? The "Relax and shop" advice, for one thing... then (suddenly) "Final Call" - whoah, that's a pretty radical change of gear!

Sunrise on a too-damn-early flight.

Another window seat moment from the chronicles of Cazzbo.

Missed a connecting flight (due to the second one leaving before the first one arrived) THEN my luggage went AWOL. Not impressed.

QANTAS emergency pyjamas.