Belfast 2007

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. In Belfast, for the Belfast Festival on Queens. Not too many remarkable photos, here's a very small collection.
Attempting to capture the pretty cobblestones on the diagonal at the intersection.

Quite dark in the Merchant Hotel, hard to sucessfully capture any of the incredibly grand opulence! Here's a snap in the rest rooms, of all places...

Coincidently read this tidbit in the airline magazine on the next flight.

A misleading (to me) visual situation lead to me walking at an angle full pelt into a glass wall... big ouch! I pretty much concussed myself AND broke my glasses. Uber-nerdish band-aid look coupled with bruises... and then a tedious early morning walk the next day to source super glue for the delicate plastic surgery.

There are murals like this all over Belfast.

The big bumper sharps relinquishment box full of everything from Lethermans to plastic forks at Belfast George Best Airport. Lucky dip, anyone?

What a bargain!

So pretty! I'm theorising that paddock shapes speak much about cultures... over Germany this type of view just looks so darn neat and orderly! Here it is wonderfully just a little more random and haphazard than you would expect.