From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. My work under the musicians' witness protection scheme has taken me here. Here are a very select few snaps.

My camera died just before this. Although repairable, the cost was only $100 shy of an upgrade. Grappling with the disposable nature of this modern world (and the high cost of parts and labour) I bought a new camera, so that I could have it NOW... for a visit to the crocodile farm about 40km out of Darwin.

A special feeding (for us) of Snowy the white crocodile.

Not an albino, but (sans black markings) a blondie.

Positively prehistoric.

Poked my lens through the fence.

Our hosts - a croc guide, croc scientist and croc accountant... true!

Another lens-thru-fence opportunity... a real live open gob!

18-month-old baby crocs.

Inspection of one little fella.

...nabbed deftly by a lady employee...

...he's fine. He? They're all boys (controlled by germination temperature). Boys grow faster and can all-the-sooner visit Paris... as handbags!

An inspection of termite activity somewhere OTHER than my home!

The trusty steed... dual-cab ute.

Roadside stall... honour system with money box.

Cute cocky... at a shop full of unique curios on the way back.

Interesting, the 'no charge' annotation for clarification here.