Cairns, Mission Beach, El Arish, Rockhampton, Gladstone

From the photo archive from my Geocities website. My work under the musicians' witness protection scheme has taken me here. Here are a very select few snaps.
No baggage weight problems here.


Krab-werk on Mission Beach.

The crab 'art' is impossible to capture.

A somewhat amusing graphic, but a serious problem.

Kid near the coconut blade.

Coconut splitting blade on lever on the beach.

If two is a bunch, I may be considered to have them, lovely!
A quaint but challenging venue.

Cane as high as a pachyderm's monocle.

Rockhampton is full of bull(s). Here's a one-eared bull.

I found it surprising and amusing that my phone said "Rocky" (not "Rockhampton"). How very Australian, or Aussie, eh?

Overly obese weird militaristic aircraft of seemingly Eastern European origins, with its nose open.If you have a better or more accurate description, please submit it! *

* "The aircraft is the world's biggest freighter, Russian-built, and used for large freight that will not fit in other aircraft. These are used every year to bring out to Australia (and return to the US) the fire fighting helicopters used every summer to assist in bushfire control. If my old memory serves me correctly Little Johnny (Howard) was going to buy three of them to put out the bushfires. Once the fires were out, he forgot all about the idea!! Normal!! I read recently that the Russians have commenced building them again."

John Turner Business Development Manager, Aviation Food & Beverage Division