Byron Bay, Ayr, Townsville

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. My work under the musicians' witness protection scheme has taken me here. Here are a very select few snaps.
Beach moods.

Winter swimming.

Fabulous light patterns in the water...

...constanly changing...

...impossible to capture...

...all seemed beautiful.

The winter sun was soon long enough for decent relief opportunities with others' windswept footprints.

Too early! Sunrise between Sydney and Brisbane.

The tour steed - a Kia Grand Carnival with only 21km on the clock. Am I the only one amused by Queensland's new slogan?

Prices SLASHED at 'Target Country' in Ayr.

A readymade-influenced sculpture in Townsville.I was particularly partial to the thongs - fabulous!

More fetching window seat moments... the afternoon sun behind the wing nearing Sydney.