Piano-themed photos

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. A place where I just might put various snaps I collect in my travels as a piano technician, or simply in my travels...
A very small (but real) Kawai. Not much clue that this is a teeny pieeny, but trust me, it is! It's like one of those tiny ponies at the fairground compared with regular (small) pianos. I haven't tuned it - but it was one of the curios at my erstwhile periodic sometime-ago place of employ.

Oi! How did Philth sneak into my piano page...? He's in front of the famous yellow piano at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel.

A friend's Bell piano (UK) with a list of world hubs on the frame... "London, New York, Amsterdam..." and finally, "Sydney, Melbourne, etc." It is the etc. that amused me.

Midway through the Bell piano list... "Guelph".Excuse my ignorance... but I've never heard of it!

This Steinway was a commissioned colour to match the carpet in the Perth Concert Hall foyer.

Woodgrain Boston... one of the six Piano Technology Course pianos given one hell of a work-out!

Very crazy self-portrait as I attempted to document a favourite (but borrowed) tuning hammer (lever).

Unusual brand I witnessed in a shop in Holland.

Steinway upright in a practice room in The Barbican, London.

An apostrophe that is arguably both wrong AND right! Another unusual brand I witnessed backstage in Holland.

Sign near the piano in the Amsterdam Public Library..."If you can't play the piano, then don't play this piano!"