Renovation moments...

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. It is hard to describe the magnitude of my ambitious renovation extravaganza. Basically the house was completely gutted and de-roofed, and a second storey added. No room was unaffected, along with the entire yard. I was the first of the little inter-war cottages to create an upstairs, turning the runt of the litter into one of the better houses in an unremarkable street. A separate room constructed out the back, dubbed 'the humpy' was where I lived for roughly two years whilst simultaneously studying full-time, building and labouring, and trying to keeping my other performance activities somehow ticking along.
This page is dedicated to some rather non-standard images pertaining to my owner-builder experience. I never got around to adding some more conventional 'after' photos.
My hall light... back when I had one...

My builder loves to do this... with a throw... sproingggg! I tried it just once (unsuccessfully).

I'm not really a slob... roofs, ceilings and internal brick walls have been demolished around me and my electrics.

Rudimentary light in my rudimentary bathroom.

Where roof and sky meet...

Internal frame and roof edge. Much more of the original roof awaited removal at this point. Tile by tile, timber by timber...

A friend pops in, outside the first storey.

Landscaping. There's only one way to landscape around here... with a jackhammer. The ENTIRE yard is covered with 6 to 8 inch thick concrete, and underneath that is rock.

An ugly feature prepares to leave home.

Pebbles by the uteful.

This power point annotation is from a very long time ago.

My builder combined builderhood with fatherhood. This very large and bold canvas is the work of his 4-year-old daughter. The 15 litre paint tin is there for scale.

Whoops - dried paint on the boot. Good thing I just bought another pair (strictly for Sunday best).

Many of my scant few original features had to be sacrificed.

The city view I was afforded when I could stick my head through the upstairs roof frame. Progress means I only have a glimpse of Centrepoint Tower from the window, but that is still something!