Just a few of the things...

...I've carried on my bike. My trusty bike is set up so that it is easy to carry things. I often don't ride with a backpack on my back (especially in the warmer months), it is often tethered in the milk crate, unless the crate is too full. I really can carry an outrageous amount of shopping, and I don't have to hold back much at all on a 'big shop'. Bike loads. Milk crate.

The most recent - a hoe - because it was given to me. My method for carrying items of this type is well-honed.

I rode home a broom in the traditional fashion.

Ambitiously combining the words Bunnings and bicycle. Ten litres of decking stain, a paint roller and tray kit, a pole for the roller (my broom-de-jour), with all manner of oddments in my backpack too.

A self-portrait, ready to go with my Vinnies load.. gently does it!! I whipped up that terrorist-style thingie attached to my helmet to try to be more sun-smart... still not enough, tho... I am considering a hijab... nah, mebbe not...
-But seriously a bike helmet peak never feels like enough shade for my eyes... I'm addicted to baseball caps...
Well, it adds to my visibility and the other day someone asked me where I got it... told 'em I made it by cutting up a vest.
-Sometimes I just wear a shady broad-brimmed hat while riding.

I had a big clean-out (highly recommended) and took a few of my patented big-ol'-bike-loads to donate to Vinnies. Yes, it's true --- although it is not at all and everyday occurrence --- nonetheless, I probably wouldn't have bothered to photograph the VCR in the green bag in the milk crate on the back of my bike, if I hadn't started this page (right here!) just one day earlier... Did you really keep reading (and understanding) through that entire long sentence??? Yay! Good for you!!

At the post office... one of a few items I sold on eBay I had another bix almost as large that I toted in the backpack. By the way... what NOT to do: underquote postage on an item (this one!) when the winning bid was AUD$0.99 cents!

My decorated milk crate, Sydney Body Art Ride 2009.

Here's one of my car... webs from wheel arches to tyres... it'll sit around in future, but never again for quite as long as it has just sat! Note the windy weather buffeting the web and tearing holes in it as I photographed.

I have carried a tuba (on my back) while riding the bike, in one crazy (or should I say, well-planned) stunt, but that is really NOT something I want to make any sort of habit of. It DID, however, turn the heads of Japanese tourists in Macquarie Street, Sydney City. I recently carried home a lime tree and a chilli plant from the market (why didn't I photograph that??)

I'm not sure how huge this 'department' will get, since the average load of shopping is not really worth photographing (my regular full milk crates). And since I've now been able to actually resurrect my car again, I might just get a bit lazy when it comes to very special big projects.