Woodford Folk Festival 2008-2009. From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website.
The Mask Man.

Mic pulls his best "bronze" face...

Awesome lit imagery in the Opening Ceremony.

"You must marimba this..."

Exotic exhibit in the Mutant Barnyard.

With the Space Cowboy in the Mutant Barnyard.

Fabulously and beautifully shaped animals parade down the streets of the Woodford Festival site.

Sign near the entrance queue.

Phil (as usual) does it in style!

Ready in white to carry lanterns in the Fire Event.The beautifully-made lanterns were huge and small, and lit internally for the parade with tea-light candles. We got rained on, but had lots of fun.

Delighted to get an ornate lantern tree to carry!

Giant folk liven up the streets!

Very pretty lights at the very pretty light stall.

Stick people in the Fire Event.

Traditional pyro-finale.

Passing comment on stage...