From the shed kitchen...

Stepping out with the inimitable Geoffrey Ogden Browne (and the Café Society Orchestra) for the Sydney Jazz Club Christmas Ball (Drummoyne Rissole) - we were instructed to bring a music stand, and a sconce light, if we have one.

Much as it pains me to take this immaculate new fancy music stand I know I must. Heh, it is more likely to have a crossword sitting on it than any form of music (what's that?) it is more likely to be near me as I use my laptop, than play. Is this because I don't have any need to read music, or don't practise? Kind of both, actually.

Sconce? Here's my spontaneous 'solution', actually very functional! I've used wetsuit fabric to protect my music stand from the ratchet clamps, because I can't bear the thought of getting a single scratch on this music stand! I'm such a neat-freak.

I bought this worklight for piano work. I have never used it for piano work, but it sure got a workout during my house rebuild!

Lastly, the trusty homemade beverage holder always gets a guernsey at these gigs, it's essential when encircled in a sousaphone on a crowded stage - 'trapped' as we were recently at a wedding gig, through 45 minutes of speeches, with approximately ten per cent of them in Russian! I have a wetsuit patch to protect the stand from the beverage holder clamps too, but I never give a bugger if I'm clamping it onto anything else! Avid readers of this erstwhile blog might remember the advent of my beverage holder HERE.