Singapore - Raffles Rickshaws

Somewhat stealthy was my approach - supporting utility cycling without wishing to be 'taken for a ride'. I'd had enough of that while shopping for electronics!

The Esplanade - Arts Complex. Concert Halls, etc.

I didn't understand the rationale behind this sign (unless it is a point of clarification to avoid inconsistencies and embarrassment) - but I am happy to comply!

That frogs end up in porridge - not just any frogs - eminent frogs. We dined in this precinct - no frogs were harmed in that particular dining experience. However, I had some delicious intestines.

These market t-shirts are out of control! Carefully eschewing all the usual 'genuine' novelty shirts (Darwinian sillhouette sequences leading from ape right back to figure hunched over a computer at a desk, etc.) I found these to constitute a new sub-category of novelty shirts. Mild amusement at every turn!

I saw a girl wearing a 'GEEK' shirt when I visited the Supertrees.

No nerd shirts for me - I don't need to advertise!

Singapore buses have a two-tiered fare system: Non-air-conditioned and (yes) air-conditioned - the latter being well worth the extra pennies! They also have two-tiered buses - so, yes, sit up the front upstairs and pretend you're the driver (London-style).

McMoment #1: McDelivery. We think nothing of the pizza equivalent, but would this fly in Australia?

McMoment #2:  Ubiquitous, popular and well-patronised. They must have spill-proof lids for the drinks!