IMBY (in my back yard)

After a mid-morning appointment to take the weak pulse of a terminal piano in a tiny school for tiny children, things still looked dewy (overnight rain). So, to play with my new camera...

Like 'shop your pantry/wardrobe/closet' - why not an excursion at home?

Bougainvillea - flower within a flower.

Things seem beautiful. Mandevilla Aloha Regal Ruby. With such selective framing I'm shunning swathes of ugly, ill-maintained (and half-dead!!)

I inherited this potted umbrella tree from my neighbours when they moved. I took all their yard leftovers (just can't resist) I even harvested their spinach crops.

If everything bloomed, my yard would be mostly purple. PURPLE!

Slug-like droplets on the red spine of this what's-it-called plant. You can see hints of my purple feature wall underneath. PURPLE!

Water-catcher. This whatchamacallit bush is really starting to strut its Christmasy stuff.

Droplets still clinging as I nuzzle into nooks with my lens.


Not purple.


I decided out the front that there was enough green (although there isn't) and that red would be nice (because yellow says CAUTION to a Brown Thumb Gardener). I hope this tiny shiny-leaved Coprosma might grow enough for me to topiarise it into a yet-to-be determined shape.

Check out my little video testing the iPhone time-lapse feature. Can such shenanigans make chores less tedious? Almost.