After a morning (and part-afternoon) putting knee rugs on old pianos, I decided cycling in to have a further look at Vivid was in order. I had seen some Vivid action while sharing an umbrella with a friend on a drizzly night, but I knew there was much more to see. Though I'm determined NOT to experience life through a viewfinder, or find that my principal focus is wrangling devices, I did want to take some photos...

The amazing pinball machine journey on the Opera House.

Buzzing vibrating beehive light installation.

Myriad moving patterns and images on the sails of the Opera House. 


I admit that this still throws me - folk holding such large devices in front of their face as though they are shunning you (if you're on the other side, a street performer being 'papped' or filmed). It is so counter-intuitive to see these large 'books' concealing folks' faces, sometimes seeming even larger (if in 'portrait mode' with the cover open as well).  

There are many interactive happenings. Here the pavement rippled with dynamic shapes - shivering squiggly circles for children to chase and jump into. Everyone seemed quite hyper - not just the children!

Kind of blue!

Fluorescent light spherical installation, looking through into it.

Customs House salute! 

I slowly thread my way through the busy city and make my way to Newtown where my name is on the door for THIS...

It's lovely to see the talented young 'uns that I've known since they were knee high completely energise the crowd with their high-octane rockabilly... and they still always treat me like jug band royalty!

The wanton lack of symmetry in that sign was really annoying me, I couldn't seem to frame it to give the words 'jug band' suitable respect without a partial amputation of the C in CREEK! Well, it was a hasty shot with the teensy sports cam.