The Netherlands 1

From the archive of photos formerly published on my Geocities website. I've done two extensive tours of the Netherlands, in 2007 and 2008.
Initially the Autumn colours in the forest and elsewhere were unbelievable, and impossible to capture (although I tried, of course). I love the bicycle culture in Holland, and have dedicated other pages of photos to that theme... this page is just a few general snaps, of all and sundry...
Hoorn, a town in the Netherlands. The word "hoorn" means - yes, that's right... horn!

Little elves keep you on track in the forest.

Initially we thought this was the name of my cabin (they all had names) but this sign was on the gate, and means, sure enough "shut" (or "close"). Heh, ahem... well, the name stuck!

Ever played Scrabble in English with a Dutch set? One's tactics must (or should!) change...

Nunspeet Bambi park, with chooks, goats, you name it!

Cute clogs and cloglets. I did see real folk wearing clogs around the street in Nunspeet. Men though, not children.

I liked these amazing light bulbs in the dressing rooms at one of our venues... they were HUGE, seriously as big as a basketball. I loved the retro cartoony filaments, glowing, but not throwing out much light, really!

Say cheese! This sort of sight is certainly not uncommon.

Yummy hot chocolate event... a solid cube of quality chocolate on a stick, and a mug of frothy hot milk - combine ingredients.

Fresh new thatched roof.

Trying on jackets I can't afford... fortunately I am well-trained NOT to shop (generally).

New and old and mossy thatched roof (with skylights?)

No modern brickie would do this for you! I saw many a rural detail like this (and many a farm animal) on a day when I rode my borrowed bike from Nunspeet to Hardewijk.

Self-portrait with multi-coloured umbrella on a rainy day in Amsterdam. This is what I did to warm my ears - I wrapped my scarf around my neck AND head. Eventually I bought an ear-warmer thing that wish I could have found to pack for my return trip!!

Golden light on Gothic scene... I'll have to go through my notes to work out where this was... or tell me, web afficionados... Den Bosch?