How does my garden grow?

OK, I'm back from the Tropical North, to find, indeed, that there has been much action and flowering that I have missed. Progress. Missed. When I left for my last tour, this frangipani (inherited from departing neighbours) was just beginning to get leaves - now it displays what I suspect are its buds. I've never observed any of this closely before (I'm incredibly garden-ignorant!) For the first time ever, I'll keep watching.

"Brought to you by the Brown Thumb Gardeners' Collective." I'm an inexperienced and random novice grower of things. Surprisingly, in places, progress is evident. My mission is to 'cover up the ugly'. Believe me, my work will never be complete, there is a LOT of ugly around my house and yard.

My two favourite gardening words are 'hardy' and 'vigorous' - if a plant doesn't purport to have these attributes, I probably shouldn't bother!

Below: Photos before I left on a lengthy tour and missed the lion's share of spring springing...

A detail from one of my foliage walls, which is still far more wall than foliage.

The Chinese Star Jasmine on the right was just beginning to bud as I headed off on tour, on my homecoming, it was well done. The umbrella tree on the left I inherited from neighbours when they moved. I got a veritable booty of plants - I just couldn't say no, even though I scarcely know where to put them all.

I love the shape. I've never noticed it before, but now I'm seeing them all over the place in Brisbane.

A bloom that emerged, despite my ignorance and negligence!

The moon flower vine is looking very straggly. Here's a closed flower from last season, I wonder if I'll see its like again...

A moon flower mooning.