Pets and Pianos

A sign in the main street of Tully (QLD). There were several. This is the 'world' I usually feel comfortable inhabiting - a dog free zone! It has ever been thus that poochies will almost certainly cause me some apprehension (which is difficult to disguise). But there are occasional exceptions.

Rounding up a few pianos on my return from touring... after a greeting well-managed by his owner, this doggie won me over with his general calmness and happy disposition. After offering a tennis ball, but realizing I had more important things to take care of (namely tuning the piano) he generally lounged around nearby. And no complaints about the sound of tuning (not even in the upper treble). His owner, my client, left and came back, and all was fine!

On the same job, I was greeted by this gorgeous cat, relaxing on the dining table.

In a flash, cheekily grooming and luxuriating all over my kit bag! But cats can (almost) do no wrong in my world! 

Much sleeping, but never when the camera beeps to focus. Right... back to the piano!

The perks of the job!

Another piano encounter. A hurried snap after I determined that it was impossible to pitch-raise and tune this piano in its cramped under-stair nook. Perhaps not quite captured, it really was butted up against the stairs. Teamwork with client, towels underneath all feet, we moved it clear for the job.

In keeping with the 'pets and pianos' theme, this house had many a toddler fence, to keep the playful puppy at bay in the various 'zones'. I was very appreciative of this 'management' so that I could (almost) work in peace. Puppy pattern: active, vocal, bored, tired, repeat, repeat, repeat!


Pets and Pianos - Lloyd the Great Dane