Sand Sculptures (Frankston Beach)

The sand sculptures are always incredible. This year's theme was 'Under The Sea', with everything from Poseidon to Happy Feet to the Yellow Submarine (via Octopus's Garden) being referenced. Sea witches, mermaids - detailed and impressive.

Brickies' sand is used - transported to the beach. It is tightly compressed with water in wooden formwork, then crafted and sculpted with all manner of pottery and brickie tools, care and patience. Water spray and plastic straw-like tubes (to gently blow away loose sand) are other tools of the craft. Sculptures are sprayed with a biodegradable spray to protect them from wind erosion. At the end of the sculpture season they are bulldozed and the sand transported to be stored until next year.

Feeding frenzy (detail).

These stylised horses were part of a large Poseidon piece.

This was possibly my favourite - an elaborate underworld city atop a giant sea turtle. Stunning.

Sea witch.

Sand ship.

The artist at work.