The Sedentary Cyclist Rides Again

I've made another little YouTube fillum well, more of a slide show, to be honest. I had fun (in as stressful kind of way) - I couldn't turn the computer off for fear that the project would not re-open, gah! I was probably going to do this and only this until it was finished anyway...

It's been fun trawling through my Dutch cycling snaps old and new with a view to more of this activity. Salut!

The Sedentary Cyclist Salutes Dutch Cycling

What else? This time last week I was wearing lederhosen. The last piano I tuned was for a 90th birthday - I cannot remember a recent time when the guest of honour has been older than the piano (I mean, unless it was a very young piano!) I wish for younger pianos (painos) than some of those I am encountering.

I'm will have had cause to go to Brisbane and Canberra before the week is out. Konrad!

I went on a Bike Leichhardt local ride recently. I've only been meaning to do that for about ten years. I realized I am very unused to riding at anyone else's pace (even if their pace is moderate). More on that soon.