Shaping Up / Textural Healing

Trawling through snaps with a focus on cycles and cyclists of the Netherlands I notice how many shapes and textures I'm compelled to attempt to capture...

Outside the breakfast room - Braga, Portugal.

English Church - Brugge, Belgium.

Tree baubles - Brugge, Belgium.

Teatro Circo - Braga, Portugal.

Braga, Portugal.

Water windows - Brugge, Belgium.

I consistently called these 'conductor trees'. Travel to climes that are anything BUT summer enables enhanced appreciation of the beauty of trees sans foliage. Braga, Portugal. 

Crazy crane convention - Spijkenisse, NL. Not too far from the theatre, but I was the only one desperate to trek back and eavesdrop on their meeting!


Hoorn, NL. The lake (enclosed controlled sea) was frozen.

Rural rambling (bicycle) NL. Hard to capture, but these dotted road lines were so complex and three-dimensional - they looked like fabulous fine lace! Meanwhile, occasionally using the road shoulder was fine, plenty of time to hear the odd car or farm machine. The extensive network of cycle paths was never far away (often I just had to find it). I got lost (easy for me) and asked some police for directions. The told me I could catch the train but I felt that defeated the purpose of my cycling day. I was determined to find the relevant numbered cycle route home (and I did).

And the roads! Even this lesser one above - as smooth and even as a billiard table - incredible, you had better believe it!

Hotel room view - somewhere in Aus!

" stop my mind from wandering..." Urged by a friend who introduced me to his circuitous local ramble in Ryde. I hereby proclaim him more sure-footed than any mountain goat! Back along the road we found a genuine sink-hole. Let's plug it with a nearby uprooted tree stump. Ensafening works in progress in your area. Sydney never ceases to amaze me.

Ballast Point, Balmain. The last day of the 'big wet' saw spectacular clouds.

Killing time waiting for access to a function room piano to tune it. Sports camera shot of the sea of glasses. Meanwhile, the few straggling punters seemed to have moved onto the cognac - lucky them!

Federation Square, Melbourne. What's not to love? A lot, apparently... anecdotally. 

Just another piano needing help. The plain wire strings around the hitch pins looked pretty because the individually-tied-off ones were in the middle of each group of three, with the shared plain wire length on the 'outside' of each group of three. It is more common (from my experience) to see continuous pairs (with an individual tied-off string only where sharing a wire length between two strings is not possible). Wow, that probably confused you! 

Street piano - Federation Square, Melbourne. This detail reminded me of little church pump organs, or little church pews. I made a primitive little film of this piano.

Pier photography, Balmain. Such behaviour (where you appear to be photographing boats) leads folk to tell you when the best 'boat porn' may be had - Regatta Day. Explaining that you're photographing-the-way-the-masts'-reflections-ripple-on-the-water-it-looks-amazing makes people think you're mad. As long as they don't accuse me of trespassing. Again, even after all these years, Sydney never ceases to amaze me.

Waterfront properties and those with spectacular or secret views are out of my league, yet I live less than a stone's throw from sooo much of that! Wow, lucky me! BTW I worked hard to create such luck. 

Oooh, how did a moggy sneak into my 'shapes and textures' collection? The exaggerated wide-angled sports camera characteristics!