Longreach, Queensland.

Longreach-bound! A Dash-8 window seat moment (despite my having pre-booked 'aisle' online).  Occasionally I don't mind a window seat, and this was such an occasion. There are no 'middle seats from Hell' on a Dash-8 - that is the only seat type I will not countenance. Propeller unsheathing on the Brisbane tarmac, far enough away from the gate for bus transit to have been provided.

I have never seen so many utterly magnificent Bougainvilleas. They were omnipresent all around town, with giant flowers and as many of them as a plant could possibly produce. 'How can the blooms be so giant?' I mused, then recalled that the varieties common in nurseries (and that I have planted) are some dwarf breed (I think). Additionally, my garden cannot provide the hours of sunlight that Longreach can (especially at this time of year) and I am a certified Brown Thumb Gardener, so any plant doing anything has to be regarded as a win for me.

Walking off breakfast around the local streets. It's hard to fathom why anyone would be motivated to pay for horse poo when it is so readily available to be stepped in bloody everywhere. Is that bucket for the poo, or the gold coin honesty payments? Or both.

DC-3 in the morning light. I like to whimsically picture baggage handlers with bow ties and elegantly-draped cloth napkins, tending to the passengers' cargo hold needs - what a wonderful era when flying was far from 'everyday'. This delusional fantasy is my way of 'coping' with the fact that the quants at cuntas seriously damaged my flight case on the way home. Grrrr!

This STILL amuses me. I blogged a similar photo (less mud) many years ago. You have GOT to be kidding!! Condescendingly spoken like someone who actually comes from the smart state which, as we all know, is Victoria! 

This is how I know I'm too far north. I am also too far west. 

This dog (suitably contained behind a fence!) had the most extraordinary coat, akin to when The Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to colour. I variously called it the Dalí dog and many other seemingly brilliant names that wine made me forget. I know it looks very serene here, but it was quite barky (which is also what the locals call Barcaldine!). The Brisbane to Longreach flight does a stop at Barcaldine - it's the first time I've experienced a plane behaving like a train.

The venue! It is a wool shed. It was opened in 1959! I have never seen a plaque on a wool shed (but I admit I have never been looking particularly closely!). The audience: Mayors from every corner of Queensland, gathered together for a series of conference activities.

An essential strategy, particularly in the regional areas. Sometimes such annotations are still not enough. Those cleaners/housekeeping staff are bloody keen! I fancied pop (poop) art-ifying our individual Longreach methods in a work I have titled 'Knobs'. No signs were provided. That fancy 'real' one belongs to our tour manager, who omits no essentials from her thorough pack.