Some sort of reference list of all my bloggy bits... dip your toe in!

Pianos: The wooden spoon

Pianos: Cat Me If You Can

Pianos: Toot, Toot, Tootsie!

"It's over" (overdamper pianos)

Pianos: A Day In The Life

Pianos: Trombones and teddy bears

Pianos: A curly conundrum

Pianos: Something screwy

Pianos: Kablammo!

The Last Supper

A 'new normal'. Piano service during the COVID-19 crisis.

Carol Johns - Piano Tuner & Technician

Just who are The Caped Regulators?

Pianos: Arty facts

Pianos: Working blue

Pianos: A leg-up

Pianos: Event(ually)

Pianos: Magic carpet ride

Pianos: Doing Time

Pianos: Chasing Rainbows

Pianos: Tempting Temping

Pianos: Trailer Trash

Pianos: No worries? No, worries!

Pianos: A screw loose

Pianos: Cold comfort

Pianos: Heavy petting

Pianos: On the dot

Pianos: That's the drill

Pianos: Tall Orders

Pianos: Leading lady

Pianos: Flat white, sharp white.

Pianos: On the scent of an event

Pianos: White noise

The Piano Tuner's School Days: Captain Elbow

Pianos: Blooming marvellous

Pianos: Shadowy figures

Pianos: Arty farty

Pianos: A mug's game (not really).

Pianos: Knockers and 'nicht werfen!'

Pianos: What's in a name?

Pianos: Pins, pitch and PPE.

Pianos: Behind the Candelabra

Pianos: Nailed or screwed

Pianos: Bristols and barflies

Pianos: Dogs, doors and dioramas.

Pianos: Agraffes, alloys and art.

Pianos: A bridge too far

Pianos: A good bollocking

Pianos: Like pulling teeth

Pianos: Shrouds, slippers and spanners.

Woodford Folk Festival 2017/18

Pianos: Libraries, lemons and Lego.

Pianos: Through the Looking Glass

Pianos: Dirty secrets...

Pianos: It's a wonder...

Pianos: Under the weather

Pianos: Things that go 'clunk' in the night

Pianos: Stools and tools

Pianos: Popcorn and poop decks

Pianos: Punching Above Our Weight

Pianos: Domestic Blots

Pianos: Getting Hitched

Pianos: Blue in Green

School's out, and so are the pianos.

The land the Queen's not sure about

Putting pianos out to pasture

Pianos: Fleets, flyovers and fireside folly.

The Caped Regulators: Pianos, high and low.

Pianos: Hidden hoards and Hapsburgs.

Pianos: The Colour Purple

Pianos: Talking dirty...

Sand Sculptures (Frankston Beach) 2015

Secret Piano Business

Pianos: The garland is always greener

Car Pay Diem

Pianos: Coffee, art, and coffee art.

Woodford Folk Festival 2014/15

Pianos: Domestic affronts and asides

Pianos: City sights and shepherd's delights

Pianos: Painos (not a typo)

Push bikes, plucky and practical.

Pianos: Beale Street Blues

Tour Tales

Pianos: Belt up and get a grip!

Pianos: Punchings, scratchings, rodents and rust.

Stalking pianos in the urban jungle...

Stage Time

The Caped Regulators: In The Field

Pianos: Odd bods and curious clunkers

The Caped Regulators: In The Piano Lair

Pianos: The Upright Corporate Citizens

Pianos: Formal, and formerly so...

Pianos: House and Garden Varieties

The Piano Tuner's School Days

The Piano Team: Strings, scrubs pants and fireplace fodder

Cazzbo in Clunkerland

The Clunker Chronicles

Spruced Up - Pianos About Town

The Piano Tuner's School Days (again)

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2014

The Caped Regulators

Dangar Island - The Island Tuner

Tango for Piano and Forklift

Domestic(ated) pianos, a homely homily

Pianos, push-bikes and problematic palms

The Piano is 'Beached As...'

Pianistic peregrinations (why pianos don't like sun, swimming, nor sheds)

Grand, grander, grandest.

Shopping is a contact sport (ALDI sale day, bicycle round-up)

F is for Frivolous

Goanna Roundup (pianos about town)

Lord Howe Island - The Island Tuner

Moggies, murals, bikes and busking...

Damn you, damnable damagers!

Longreach, Queensland

Shaping Up / Textural Healing

Park puddles and peregrinations

Signs of life... (I can't help photographing signs)

Vivid 2013

IMBY (in my back yard)

Singapore - Raffles Rickshaws (bicycles and more)

Singapore - Street Plantings and Supertrees

Smog The Mog (cats, pianos)

Shepparton Cows

More Shepparton Cows

Melbourne bicycles, people and things...

More Marvellous Melbourne

Easter Saturday (cycling, filming, tuning)

Easter Monday (cycling, tuning and the Rainbow Crossing)

Saintly Kilda!

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2013

The last of the big bike shop spenders!

A productive start... New Year 2013

P is for... (piano)

Sand Sculptures (Frankston Beach)

Pets and Pianos

The Brown Thumb Gardener's Garden


City to Surf 2012

Ukulele Bass

Sculpture By The Sea 2011

City snaps (bicycle + errands = win!)

Jack Daniel's Silver Cornet Band

The Piano Lowdown (Bösendorfer bass end)

City to Surf 2011

Matchbox On Ice

Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band at Ormond Hall

East Coast Blues and Roots Festival 2011

Woodford Folk Festival 2010/11

Fergus swept me off my feet!

From the shed-kitchen...

Quaint words inside pianos

Goannas in the wild (pianos about town)

In the studio - recording with The Wolfman

Moggies - out and about

Pianos - out and about

Niagara Falls (Canada)

O Canada!

Macau (China)

Mic Conway's National Junk Band (Melbourne)

Mic Conway's National Junk Band Forth Valley Blues Festival (Tasmania)

Bikeloads (things I've carried on my push-bike)

Sydney Body Art Ride 2009

Woodford Folk Festival 2008/09


Critical Mass Harbour Bridge Ride

Big Things (an incomplete chronicle)

Netherlands 1

Netherlands 2

Netherlands 3 - cycle stuff

Netherlands 4 - cycle people




Airline stuff

Flowers in my tuba

Piano stuff

Renovation/rebuild reflections

Mic Conway's National Junk Band at The Stag Hotel (Sydney)

Mic Conway's National Junk Band at the Gympie Muster (Queensland)

Darwin (Northern Territory)

Christchurch NZ

Byron Bay, Ayr, Townsville

Mid-North Queensland

Auckland NZ

New Zealand, Western Australia


Jugalug String Band at the Manly Jazz Festival

Everingham Rotating House

Sydney Body Art Ride 2006

Apple Shrines

Woodford Folk Festival 2005/06

Sydney Body Art Ride 2005

Perch Creek Family Jugband at the Yamba Festival

The Coodabeen Champions

Verdi on the ukulele

The Ballad of AO and BO

Plum Loco Clown Band at the Ferragosto Italian Fiesta

No M4 East rally

Mic Conway's National Junk Band at the National Folk Festival (Canberra)

Ever spilled your beer?

Woodford Folk Festival 2003/04

Mic Conway's National Junk Band in The Famous Spiegeltent (Sydney)

Mic Conway's National Junk Band at the Maldon Folk Festival (Victoria)

Mic Conway's National Junk Band at the Empire Hotel (Sydney)

Doug Mulray's Internet Radio Show

Mic Conway's National Junk Band Christmas

Mic Conway's National Junk Band at the Adelaide Fringe Festival

China Tour